Next-gen, open-source and enterprise-ready chat platform

Respectful of your privacy, Squirrel is the way to go to either chill with some friends in voice chat playing Rocket League, or to flex about your new suit and tie with colleagues in video calls while your boss isn't looking.

Simple, yet powerful

A straightforward UI, simple to understand and get used to. A UI doesn't have to be exessively complex and require hours of work as well as a PhD to get something done (Looking at you, TeamSpeak!). Squirrel's UI is intuitive and requires minimum amount of work while still packing a lot of features.

Privacy, done right

Squirrel uses by default strong military-grade encryption on all private conversations to prevent any intruders to see what you've sent to other people. Text, voice and video conversations as well as attachments are all kept secure.

Tailored for enterprise needs

Communication in an enterprise is extremely important, and the 2020 pandemic shown the critical need of robust technology for remote working and organization.

Open-Source, for the better

All of the components used in the Squirrel Stack are open-sourced and available on GitHub under the BSD-3-Clause license. A lot more transparency, and eyes to spot bugs in the wild. Also a lot more eyes to keep track of potential security issues.

Try it now!

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