Next-gen, open-source and enterprise-ready chat platform

Respectful of your privacy, Squirrel is the way to go to either chill with some friends in voice chat playing some games, or to flex about your new suit and tie with colleagues in video calls while your boss isn't looking.

Simple, yet powerful

A straightforward UI, simple to understand and get used to. A UI doesn't have to be excessively complex to be powerful (Looking at you, TeamSpeak!). Squirrel's UI is intuitive and easy on the eyes, while packing a lot of features. Don't want to be bothered by a feature you don't use? Disable it. Simple!

Privacy, done right

Encryption is not an option. It's how private conversations work. All of your private conversations are end-to-end encrypted, with robust encryption to ensure nobody can look at that super secret meme you sent to your friend. Private voice & video calls are also end-to-end encrypted.

Suitable for enterprise needs

Squirrel packs all of the core communication features an enterprise would need, plus useful tools making it perfect for this purpose. Plan, organize and do meetings with ease. You can even self-host Squirrel inside a private network, for even more security.

Open-Source, for real

Open-Source is not a commercial argument. Squirrel's core infrastructure, micro-services and apps are all freely available on GitHub. And unlike some others, the repositories don't lag behind. You can see what we're working on, and easily contribute on the latest version of the code.

Try it now!

Don't waste another second. Get yourself an account, and start enjoying a 0-compromise chatting experience. Try Squirrel